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The Loop

New Tag

March 6, 2015 6:03 PM

You may have noticed the little frog tag appearing on some product pages. This little guy is there to say that the product he is associated with is, in some way, good for the earth. It could be a permeable paver, designed to reduce storm water run-off...or perhaps it is something made of recycled materials, or an item that has less of a carbon foot-print.  Whatever good it does, we just want you to be aware, so we’ve sent the frog to tell you!


Plant a Tree

February  2, 2015 - 8:20 AM

There is so much a tree will give back to us: shade, windbreak, privacy, beauty, to name a few. It's a good move for the environment too! The general rule of thumb to planting a tree is to plant it 'proud'. This means to position the base of the trunk so that it is slightly higher than the soil surface. This practice allows for proper water channeling and prevents possible rot. The great majority of feeder rots on most trees are happiest in the top four inches of soil, so placing the root ball at a slightly higher level promotes easy access to available nutrients.

The picture at right may be viewed as guideline to planting your new tree, but here are some important tips to remember:

  • Do not disturb the root-ball
  • Remove rope and pull back burlap
  • bend back wire basket
  • Turn strongest fullest side towards prevailing wind
  • Firmly stamp in your backfill
  • Stake and guy-wire to maintain a straight form
  • Top with an organic layer such as mulch
  • Be sure to water frequently in the weeks after planting
  • Protect exposed trunks from winter feeding
  • Allow 2 years for establishment
Tree planting: a great thing to do for so many reasons

Tool Care

October 24, 2014 - 12:15 PM

Put your tools to rest for the winter. Just as you perform tasks on some of your outdoor machinery such as lawnmowers and rototillers to ready them for overwintering,  so too is it prudent to take a little time to baby your landscape hand tools.  One of our local gardener friends writes in to say that each fall he puts his hand tools to rest at the end of the season, by cleaning them thoroughly, and rubbing linseed oil onto all metal parts (helps to prevent rust). Also, this is a good opportunity to inspect your tools for any damage or wear, and to tighten those loosened screws, and perform any needed repairs. If you do this every year, your sure to hang to those implements for many years to come.

Favourite Trowel

New Rosetta Display Complete

September 3, 2014 - 7:36 PM

It took us the better part of the summer, but it was largely due  to the skillful assistance of local resident Bob Mitchell, that this display of Rosetta by Brown’s Concrete came to life from the original drawing taped on the office wall. We tried to create a composition of as many products from the Rosetta lines as we could, so that people could walk around and on the display to see the beauty and originality of these products first hand.

Deer-repellent Plants

June 27, 2013 - 3:10 PM

A happy Horticulturist

Deer like to nibble, and normally we don't mind, except when they think the buffet extends to our garden beds!

Waking up to find that treasured Hosta chewed down to sticks can be very heart-breaking. Why not avoid the frustration, and try planting some perennials and shrubs that deer are well known to avoid. Although deer will certainly eat anything when they are hungry, they do seem put off by the spicy smell of Silver Mound Sage (Artemesia sp.). This mounded perennial has soft and lacy foliage in the blue-silver colour range.

Deer are also not very fond of Spirea shrubs. This includes the spring-flowering Bridle-wreath Spirea, as well as the summer flowering bumaldas. Summer flowering Spirea shrubs put out very pretty clusters of tiny white, pink, or deep rose blooms. Honeybees love them.

Where annuals are concerned, it might be suggested that deer do not like Marigolds. Neither the French (Tagetes patula) nor the African (Tagetes erecta) Marigolds seem to appeal to these grazers. Marigolds have a Carnation-type bloom in tones of yellow, orange, and sienna.

If you have an experience with a plant that the deer avoid in your garden, please send it to us and we will post it here.

Natural Stone Display

August 17, 2012 - 4.35 PM

Matthew Chaikowsky, a very talented local Stone Mason, just completed the most beautiful display of flagstone of all different types at our yard! This display will be an important focal point at the display by MattLandscape Products Depot, and will be ideal to help visitors to be able to compare the various stone types and colours we have available. The end result of Matthew’s skillful creation is gorgeous and looks almost like a quilt of different fabrics. Thank you Matthew!

display by Matt2

Moon-Gate Wall Completed

November 22, 2009 - 2.08 PM

We were honoured to have three talented students from Algonquin College’s Perth Campus Heritage Stone Masonry Program demonstrate specialty wall construction during the first week of November in 2009.

Students Sean Donnelly, Dan Cookson, and Isaac Kirwin worked as a team to build this unusual twelve-foot long wall completely of natural stone supplied by the Landscape Products Depot. The wall features a moon-gate opening, and is composed of limestone wall stone and flag, and well as central band of lilac  sandstone.

This wall stands as testament to the quality of education provided by Algonquin College’s Perth Campus. Our thanks to Sean, Dan, and Isaac for their hard work and time! It is an amazing wall and we are so proud to have it here at our depot.