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Tree & Shrub Club: Ornamental Deciduous Shrubs: Barberry

Here are some other interesting cultivars of Berberis thunbergii (Barberry) to consider. All are available in either of the two sizes shown below:

Berberis close






’Aurea Nana’

Compact Golden Barberry. Excellent dwarf yellow selection, red in fall.

1 gal


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’Ruby Carousel’

Ruby Carousel Barberry. Excellent red color and noted for its uniform habit. Great accent, hedge or barrier plant.  Orange to red fall colour.

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Concorde Barberry. Bi-colored creamy white with yellow upper petals flower bud hardy to -40f.

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’Emerald Carousel’

Emerald Carousel Barberry. Deep green turns to reddish-purple foliage. One of the better flowering selections.

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‘Golden Nugget’

Golden Nugget Barberry. Compact mounded habit.  Orange new growth turning golden yellow foliage. More sun tolerant than some.  Turns orange in fall.

50cm 3gal


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‘Cherry Bomb’

Cherry Bomb Japanese Barberry. Open branching habit. Large foliage.

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Sunsation Japanese Barberry. Compact, upright, vase-shaped habit.  Green new growth with gold hues, matures to brilliant gold.  Orange fall colour.

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‘Rose Glow’

Rose Glow Barberry. Foliage is rose-pink, mottled with deeper red-purple blotches.

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