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Tree & Shrub Club: Climbers: Clematis

Clematis Close up

Here are some other interesting cultivars of the glorious climbing Clematis sp. (Clematis) to consider:

Clematis sp.: Clematis

clematis white

Cultivars B-E


12.69 ea

1 gallon, staked

’Barbara Jackman’

Barbara Jackman Clematis. Light blue flowers with red bar and white stamens. Flowers from June - Sept. No pruning required.


‘Belle of Woking’

Belle of Woking Clematis. 15cm  double silvery-blue flowers, early to late summer.


’Blue Ravine’

Blue Ravine Clematis. Glowing deep periwinkle blue flowers in May- June and September.


’Comtesse de Bouchard’

Comtesse de Bouchard Clematis. Heavy blooming plant with satiny-pink flowers in June-September.


’Crimson Star’

Crimson Star Clematis. (Red)


‘Elsa Spaeth’

Elsa Spaeth Clematis. Profuse, intense blue flowers, darker towards the centre.  Blooms May-Sept.


‘Ernest Markham’

Ernest Markham Clematis. Vigorous grower with magenta flowers and gold stamens flowers in July - September.


‘Etoile Violet’

Etoile Violet Clematis. Free-flowering, vigorous plant with large violet flowers.


Clematis Comtesse de Bouchard
Clematis Etoile Voilet
Clematis HF Young
Clematis Hagley Hybrid
Clematis ’Comtesse de Bouchard’
Clematis ‘Etoile Violet’
Clematis ‘H.F. Young’
Clematis ‘Hagley Hybrid’

Cultivars H-M


12.69 ea

1 gallon, staked

’H.F. Young’

H.F. Young Clematis. Large mid-blue flowers with overlapping sepals.  Repeats with large single flowers.


‘Hagley Hybrid’

Hagley Hybrid Clematis (Rosey-mauve).  Shell pink flowers with darker pink bars. Flowers June - September.



Jackmanni Clematis. Most famous hybrid with profuse, purple flowers in June-Sept. Requires hard pruning.


’Jackmanni Superba’

Jackmanni Superba Clematis. Deep violet flowers with maroon tinge. Wider sepals than 'jackmanii'. Hard pruning required.



Sweet Autumn Clematis. Showy, profuse white flowers in the fall.


‘Miss Bateman’

Miss Bateman Clematis. A free-flowering hybrid with creamy white flowers.


‘Mme J. Correvon’

Mme J. Correvon Clematis. Very large and bright wine-red flowers which bloom from June to September.


‘Mme Le Coultre’

Mme Le Coultre Clematis. Free-flowering hybrid with pure white flowers and yellow stamens. Flowers from June to September.


montana ‘Fragrant Spring’

Montana Fragrant Spring Clematis. 3" pink flowers in May and June


montana ‘Pink Perfection’

Montana Pink Perfection Clematis. Pale pink flowers which bloom late spring into early summer.


montana ‘Tetrarose’

Montana Tetrarose Clematis. Lilac-pink flowers in spring, followed by decorative seed heads.  Leaves have a bronze cast



Moonlight Clematis. Pale Yellow Flowers.


Clematis montana Fragrant Spring
Clematis montana Pink Perfection
Clematis  2
Clematis montana ’Fragrant Spring’
Clematis montana ’Pink Perfection’
Clematis ’Jackmanni’

Cultivars N-V


12.69 ea

1 gallon, staked

’Nelly Moser’

Nelly Moser Clematis. Mauve flowers with lilac bar. Attractive seed head flowers May-June and September.



Paniculata Clematis. Small scented flowers in August followed by silvery plumes of seed heads. Very little pruning.


’Pink Fantasy’

Pink Fantasy Clematis. Large pink flowers with dark centres.  Flowering times are May, June and September.  Best grown in partial shade to keep colour the longest.


’Polish Spirit’

Polish Spirit Clematis. Small, rich dark purple flowers with a hint of a red centre.  Blooms from July to early fall.



Ramona Clematis. Large lavender-blue flowers with dark anthers. Flowers in June.


‘The President’

The President Clematis. Deep violet blue flowers with purple stamens. Flowers June-September


viticella ‘Alba Luxurians’

Alba Luxurians Clematis. 2.5" - 3.5" white blooms from June to September.