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Other Stone Types  Natural Stone: Other Stone Types

Check some of our other offerings in the world of landscape stone...

Slate: Arizona Red

The caviar of our yard, this burgundy-red slate never fails to stop visitors in their tracks. Create the eye-catching. Make an outdoor kitchen counter-top, accent a patio, embolden a landing, add an exclamation to a mortared wall...

Arizona Red Slate

Slate: Pennsylvania Green

A beautiful teal-green with some thin charcoal veining on the occasional piece. Thickness is around 1”, and sizes range from one square foot up to four.

Pennsylvania Green Slate

Marble: One & Two Man Boulders

Marble 1 Man Boulder Pink

Sold by the pound at 18 cents, these accent boulders stand out in a garden bed like no other stone. We have pinks, whites, and greens; some with prominent black zebra-stripe veins running through them, others with veins of silver.

Marble 1 Man Boulder Pink
Marble 1 Man Boulder Green

Granite: Cobble and more

Granite Cobble

In stunning granite from Northern Ontario, we have benches, bird baths, steps, cobblestone, tiles, pavers, and yes, we have millstones! Some of these items are in stock, while others are special order. Please enquire as to availability and lead times. We have three distinct colours to choose from:

Granite Colours Pine Green
Granite Colours Red Deer
Granite Colours Pink

Pine Green



Granite Cobble Stack

There’s more constantly being added to our yard, so come for a visit and have a look, or check this page periodically for updates. Do you have an idea for a stone you’d like to see us carry? We look forward to feedback, so contact us.