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Natural Stone  Natural Stone: Limestone

Created from the sea and the result of eons: Limestone. Sturdy, gorgeous, and forever...

Limestone Flagstone Steps and Pad

Limestone is a sedimentary rock, and comes in many grades of density. Lower grade limestones will shale and fracture, which is not acceptable.

We strive to carry the highest quality stones in our yard - it’s what distinguishes us from other suppliers, and so we go the distance and bring our limestone from places such as the Georgian Bay area in Ontario, and Central Quebec, noted for its charcoal grey St. Marc Limestone. After years of searching, we found these regions to be geologically rich with limestone noted for excellence in the grade.

Take a look below and see what we have to offer. There’s a range of forms, sizes, colours and cuts of limestone suited to your landscape project. All you need to add is creativity!

Limestone: Random Flagstone

380.00 per ton. Thicknesses vary, from <1” to 2.5”. All thicknesses available in black or buff; mocha in 2-3” only

less than one inch
inch to inch and half

Less than one inch (buff shown)

1” to 1 1/2” (black shown)

Application: mortar on concrete base/ as a veneer

Application: light pedestrian paths/garden stepping stones

inch and half to two
two to two and half

1 1/2” to 2” (buff shown)

2” to 2 1/2” (buff shown)

Application: walkways, patios, light vehicular

Application: vehicular, pedestrian

Limestone: Natural Square-cut: Premium Grade

Priced by thickness: 1”, 1 1/2”, and 2”: 10.00 per sq. foot; 2 1/2” to 3”: 18.00 per sq. foot. Dimensions available: under 2”: 12 x12, 12 x 18; 2 1/2” to 3”: 12 x 24, 18 x 18, 18 x 24, and 24 x 24. Black or Buff.

Premium Square Cut

Above: 1”  to 1 1/2” thickness, 12 x 12 size; Right: 2” thickness, 12 x 24 size

Premium Square Cut

Limestone: Natural Square-cut: Rustic Grade

Priced by thickness: 1” to 1 1/2”: 6.00 per sq. foot; 2” to 3”: 9.00 per sq. foot. Dimensions available: 1 1/2” and under: 12 x12, 12 x 18; 2” to 3”: 12 x 24, 18 x 18, 18 x 24, and 24 x 24. Black or Buff. Quantities and sizes are limited on this product.

Natural Square Cut
Natural Square Cut

1” thickness, 12 x 12

1 1/2” thickness, 18 x 18

Limestone: Wall Stone

Guillotined, natural or sawn bed, split face, or coursing: 360.00 per ton. Face heights: 4”, 6”, & 8”. Widths vary.

Eramosa Sawn Bed
Sawn Bed Split Face

Sawn Bed, Eramosa 4”

Sawn Bed, Natural top, Buff 4”


Coursing 5” (popular for both masonry and as edging)

Limestone: 3” Drywall

A great stone for rustic walls: stacks nicely. 250.00 a ton. Some pieces are manageable, some are a two-person job to lift. Makes a sturdy driveway with a good, thick, well compacted base beneath, and polymeric stone dust applied to the joints. Buff shown in the photos below.

3 Inch Random Drywall
3 Inch Random Drywall

Limestone: Steps

Our best seller - these are natural pebble-top limestone steps, sawn on three sides, with the faces hand-rocked.   Bush-hammered tops are a special order item, so please ask for a quote.  Two riser heights and four lengths are represented in the pricing table below, but we can have steps cut to specific dimensions on request.


Riser Height


Unit Price



















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Limestone: Coping and Treads: Natural Top

Depths from 12” to 18”. 26.00 per sq. foot. Cut on three sides with face hand-rocked. Brown or black pebble top.

Natural Top Coping

Limestone: Coping and Treads: Sandblasted/Bush-hammered/ Flamed Top

Special Order Item. Depths from 12” to 18”. 28.00 per sq. foot. Cut on three sides with face hand-rocked. Brown or black pebble top.

Custom Coping
Custom Coping