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Rinox Concrete Products Masonry: Alternative Masonry: Sirenis       11.66 /sq’

Sirenis Corners: 15.50 /lin’

The warmth and subtle tones of Sirenis is what makes this stone so appealing, and the perfect choice to add the finishing touch to your decor. Sirenis matches with the Lotis Stone in the Masonry Collection.

Pattern Overview by Colour:

Sirenis Grande Pattern Charcoal
Sirenis Grande Pattern Almond White


Almond White

Sirenis Grande Pattern Midnight Black
Sirenis Grande Pattern Icy Grey


Sirenis Colours Charcoal


Sirenis Colours Almond White

Almond White

Sirenis Colours Midnight Black

Midnight Black

Sirenis Colours Icy Grey

Midnight Black

Icy Grande

Icy Grey

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