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Rinox Concrete Products

Rinox Borders: Belmont       6.58 /lin ft

A quality stone to add dimension to any outdoor project. Perfect as a border to contour flower beds, create dimension to compliment beauty with Belmont...

Belmont Border


Belmont Colours Morocco Beige

Morocco Beige

Belmont Colours Ash Charcoal

Ash Charcoal

Belmont Border
Belmont Colours Beige Oka2

Beige Oka

Belmont Colours Sky Grey

Sky Grey

Belmont Colours Honey Brown
Belmont Border

Honey Brown

Belmont Colours Milton Grey

Milton Grey

Belmont Colours Panama Beige

Panama Beige

Other Helpful Resources:

Belmont Technical Specifications thumb

Belmont Technical Specifications (jpeg)