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Rinox Concrete Products

Rinox Blocks

These are solid, durable utility blocks created by Rinox to serve your construction needs..

Duo Bloc


The Duo Bloc will support and anchor posts in both the 4x4 and 6x6 sizes, used in the construction of things such as raised decks or platforms. Duo Bloc is also designed to shed water, thus preventing excess moisture from rotting wood posts. The embedded cross form in the base provides added versatility, as this is sized to allow for insertion of 2x8 wood planks on a 90 degree corner. Duo Bloc is dry cast concrete and as such is guaranteed for life. Approximate dimensions of Duo Bloc: 6.5” x 10” x 12”

Put away your sandbags! Finally,  a great idea has arrived: a block specifically designed to provide weight and anchorage to aluminum frame enclosures, such as car shelters and tents. Weighing in at an impressive 42 pounds each, and easy to install, the choice is simple. Dimensions of the Multi-Bloc is: 6.25” x 9” x 12”. An added bonus is that the Multi-Bloc with suspend structural frames just slightly above the ground surface, extended poly-tarp and canvas life by helping to prevent rot due to water soaking.

Duo Bloc
Multi Block

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