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Oaks Concrete ProductsOaks Walls

From small foundation garden walls that are a couple of stones high, to large engineered blocks designed to retain the most challenging slopes - this is the hub where you will find quality, and great looking products to do the job. Below are links to eleven lines, each with different textures, finishes, and colour ranges.  If you are contemplating steps, pillars, walls, or borders, check out what Oaks has to offer. It will be worth a glance. Where available, we have included resources and helps for each Oaks wall type... 

Ortana Plus Curved Wall

Oaks Wall Stones Portal

Brisa Wall
Castelo Wall
Castlerock Wall
Fieldstone Wall
Gardenia Wall
Matiz Wall
Modeco Wall
Ortana Wall
Ortana Plus Wall
Proterra Wall
Vertica Wall

Other Helpful Resources

Please note that many of the wall stone pages will have additional resources as well