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Oaks Concrete Products Walls: Castlerok2       4.27/std       4.37/premium

Less is More with the Castlerok2 one block wall system: a spectacular old world look...

Castlerok2 Seat Walls and Pillar

One Stone Size:

Castlerok2 Standard Unit

Standard 4x8x12

Efficient and cost effective with a weathered appearance and embossed texture facing – Castlerok 2 enhances the installation in both linear or random pattern designs where both faces can be visible. These wall blocks make the construction of attractive spectacular pillars, planters, barbeques, and fireplaces an easy task. 


Castlerok2 Colours Chartan
Castlerok2 Colours Greystone
Castlerok2 Colours Sandstone




Castlerok2 Colours Vaughan
Castlerok2 Colours Onyx


Premium: Onyx

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