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Oaks Concrete Products Pavers: Matrix Finish    80mm       9.75/sq’

  Oak’s Pavers Matrix Finish is a mass of fine-grained rock, in which gems and fossils are embedded...

Matrix Finish
Matrix Colour Ravenstone Black22

Seven Stone Sizes:

Matrix Stone 1
Matrix Stone 2

Stone 1

Stone 2

Matrix Stone 3
Matrix Stone 4
Matrix Stone 5

Stone 3

Stone 4

Stone 5

Matrix Stone 6
Matrix Rectangle

Stone 6


Matrix Finish exposes the natural beauty of granite, quartz and limestone in both pavers and walls. The finishing touch to any outdoor design, Matrix Finish is suitable for vehicular and pedestrian use and offers slip and skid resistance. Matrix Finish is available in both Presidio Combo (all six sizes) and Presidio Rectangle pavers

One Colour:

Ravenstone Black

Matrix Colour Ravenstone Black

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