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Rosetta by Browns Concrete Products

Pallet Layers:

Grand Flag Layer 1

Layer 1

Grand Flag Layer 2

Layer 2

Grand Flag Layer 3

Layer 3

Grand Flag Layer 4

Layer 4

Rosetta: Grand Flagstone   45mm       7.80/sq’

Grand Flagstone is a perfect fit for patios or pathways where a softer random look is desired. Each layer in the slab consists of three to four smaller units, all of which maintain the attractive texture and scale of large natural flagstones, but can be laid in an easy-to-install pattern.  The individual units range in size from 1 to 5 square feet, allowing the overall appearance to remain grand and uncluttered...

Each pallet covers 90 square feet and consists of 8 layers total (2 of each of the four layer styles)

Layer Dimensions:

42" x 36" x 1.75"

(1,067mm x 965mm x 45mm)


Rosetta Colours Manitou
Rosetta Colours Rideau Blend
Rosetta Colours Windsor Blend




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