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Rosetta by Browns Concrete Products

The Stones:

Rosetta: Dimensional Flagstone   51mm       8.33/sq’

Dimensional Flagstone is the perfect choice for graceful walkways and elegant patios that require a formal, sophisticated look. Each layer includes all six sized units, with each size having a number of unique stone textures. Couple this variety with the uniform thickness and accurate dimensions, and one gets fast installations and a beautiful end result...

Dimensional Flagstone

A pallet of Dimensional Flagstone is comprised of eight layers in total. Each layer includes:

5.9" x 11.9" x 2" (151 mm x 302mm x 51mm)
11.9" x 11.9' x 2" (302mm x 302mm x 51mm)
11.9" x 17.9" x 2" (302mm x 454mm x 51mm)
17.9" x 17.9" x 2" ( 454mm x 454mm x 51mm)
17.9" x 23.9" x 2" (454mm x 606mm x 51mm)
23.9" x 23.9" x 2" (606mm x 606mm x 51mm)
Coverage per layer is: 12.25 square feet
Full pallet coverage: 98 square feet


Rosetta Colours Manitou
Rosetta Colours Rideau Blend
Rosetta Colours Windsor Blend




Other Helpful Resources:

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