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Nice Rich Pile of Soil  Bulk Goods: Soils and Composts

All gardening successes start at the ground level...

Garden Loam

A blend of 35% screened topsoil, 30% black earth, 30% manure, and 5% peat, this is a well-balanced mix for a variety of purposes. Use our Garden Loam to amend heavy clay soils, as an additive to annual plantings, or for those planters by the front door. It offers porosity for drainage, nitrogen, and has good fibrous content.

Soil in hands
Garden Loam


330.00/full truck

Mushroom Compost

Experienced vegetable and perennial gardeners will settle for nothing less than their garden’s annual addition of mushroom compost. Mushroom Compost is horse manure aged to the point that it contains none of the weed seed, and yet all of the nutrition. The spent mycellium, remnant from mushroom culture contributes greatly to the wonderful texture of this important growing medium.

Mushroom Compost


390.00/full truck

Screened Topsoil

Screened topsoil is the soil of choice if you are seeding, laying sod, or planting large trees. It offers weight, much needed minerals, and moisture retention. Work screened topsoil into sandy, light soils which tend to drain water away too quickly. Screened topsoil is also used, in some cases, as a fill material, and is ideal to re-grade a lawn with too many dips and gullies.

Screened Topsoil


300.00/full truck

Promix BX

28.99 ea

BX Promix

BX Promix is a professional grade horticultural growing medium, with added Mychorrizae bacteria, which works to free trapped nitrogen in the soil by converting it to a form usable by plant roots. the bale is 3.8 cubic feet, compressed, and weighs approximately 70 lbs. This medium contains peat, perlite, vermiculite, Mychorrizae, a pH adjuster (dolomitic & calcite limestone), and a wetting agent.

Promix HP

29.99 ea

HP Promix

The HP in HP Promix stands for High Porosity. HP Promix is a professional grade peat-based medium. This is sterile mix, making it ideal for seed starting, propagation, transplants, and any situation where you prefer to control fertilization and irrigation. This medium contains peat, perlite, dolomitic  limestone, and a wetting agent. The bale is compressed to 3.8 cubic feet.

Promix Promoss 107L

7.99 ea


This fibrous blond sphagnum peat moss, is perfect for soil amendments. Work Pro-moss into dense, compacted soils to lighten these up, and allow for health oxygen penetration and proper water percolation. This benefits roots and prevents rots which might otherwise occur in clay soils. Pro-moss can also be instrumental in lowering pH in soils which are alkaline.

* Also available in smaller 2.2 cubic foot size (not shown) at 5.99 ea

Promix Veg & Garden

5.99 ea

Pro-mix Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix

This Vegetable and Herb growing mediumby Pro-mix is truly organic, in that it contains a natural fertilizer which will feed plants for up to 3 months. Also added is Mychorrizae bacteria, a good bacteria which promotes healthy, strong roots in plants. In the mix is Canadian sphagnum peat moss, peat humus, perlite, limestone, gypsum, organic fertilizer, and Mychorrizae.  Suitable for all vegetable and herb needs. 1 cubic foot.

Promix Potting Mix

5.59 ea

Pro-mix Potting Mix

A ready-to-use, peat-based potting mix perfect for container planting. This formulation provides optimum aeration, drainage and nutrients, which makes it the ideal mix for an impressive array of plant species. Pro-mix Potting Mix also contains Mychorrizae, a beneficial bacteria instrumental in the development of healthy root systems in plants. A controlled release fertilizer in this potting mix will provide continuous nutrients to your plants for up to nine months.

A Garden with the Right Soil has Happy Plants